Social Media Guest Blogging

This semester, I’m taking a class in social media. Yes, we do have a class. Although I don’t think it would be entirely prudent to major in social media, I do find value in a class that teaches students how to monitor analytics, write engaging content and explore new apps and networks. So here I am.

Obviously I haven’t been blogging here lately, but my social media class has a class blog, and every student has to post at least once every two weeks. To fill the silence here, I’m going to use this post to aggregate all of my social media class posts for your reading pleasure.

And if you have some time, poke around on that class blog. Chances are you’ll find another stellar undergrad to follow!

The Era of Brand Personality
“Why Don’t Teens Love Us?” – Facebook
Smart Move, Snapchat: Stories
The Quantified, Overwhelmed Self
How Fabletics Fueled my First Seen-On-Pinterest Purchase
What Makes an App “Educational”?

Millennials and their Facebooks



Let’s talk about Facebook. More specifically, millennials and Facebook. As a generation, we’re obsessed. And for most of us, it’s caused some sort of problem at one point or another, whether in our relationships, our profession, or those times when we just can’t get stuff done because we got sucked in. Many of us don’t like it. And there’s nothing really wrong with the concept of Facebook — being able to share photos and comments with our friends and family is great — so why do we hate it so much?

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The QR Code

Okay, let’s get one thing straight: QR codes are a hassle.

I’m not sure why people are slapping them all over the place. Posters, t-shirts, cars, books, wristbands, water bottles… they’re everywhere. And half of them lead the user to the a web address that’s printed within inches of the code. It’s annoying.
If there’s a webpage you want someone to go to, put that web address on there instead of a QR code. Web addresses stick in people’s minds, and then later that night when they’re at their computers, they’ll type in that web address and take a look. If you completely replace the web address with the QR code, you’re losing that entire audience. Only retired people have time to go around scanning QR codes for just a simple web page.
I know they look trendy and futuristic, but they’re a waste of space and a layout designer’s nightmare. A QR code is the easiest way to ruin a well-designed poster. But I have to concede, they aren’t all bad.

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