4 Things I Sucked at When I Graduated College

At WorkHappy woman smiling at desk. Oh wait, that’s me. Photo by Brad Holt, videographer, photographer and Tesla owner extraordinaire.


When I began my first internship a year ago, I was pretty clueless. I wouldn’t speak up in meetings, I second-guessed my intuition, and I simply had no idea what was going on in the industry, or even how to find out.

Now I realize that I lacked some tacit but important skills, ones we never discussed in college, and ones I believe were actually hindered by the education system itself. Granted, these aren’t easy skills to develop, and I know I’ll be working on them for years to come. I just wish someone had told me about them ahead of time, helped me understand how important they were. I may not have worked very hard at developing them then, but at least I would have been prepared. Continue reading

Social Media Guest Blogging

This semester, I’m taking a class in social media. Yes, we do have a class. Although I don’t think it would be entirely prudent to major in social media, I do find value in a class that teaches students how to monitor analytics, write engaging content and explore new apps and networks. So here I am.

Obviously I haven’t been blogging here lately, but my social media class has a class blog, and every student has to post at least once every two weeks. To fill the silence here, I’m going to use this post to aggregate all of my social media class posts for your reading pleasure.

And if you have some time, poke around on that class blog. Chances are you’ll find another stellar undergrad to follow!

The Era of Brand Personality
“Why Don’t Teens Love Us?” – Facebook
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The Quantified, Overwhelmed Self
How Fabletics Fueled my First Seen-On-Pinterest Purchase
What Makes an App “Educational”?

Five Lessons from my First Internship

This is the last thing I shall ever write from my (adopted) desk at my first internship at an advertising agency. Well, possibly. It’s only 11 a.m. But the melodrama is hard to resist.

The intern ladies of Firehouse, Summer 2013

In all seriousness, I’m really going to miss Firehouse. They’ve been welcoming and friendly, offering a perfect balance of advice and companionship. I’m so glad I had the chance to start my career here. I’ve learned a lot — about myself and about agency life. The things I’ve learned about myself, I’ll keep to myself, but I thought other students might like to hear some of the things I’ve learned about working in an agency. Especially as an intern.

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Nearly two months after the competition, I finally got around to posting my work from the National Student Advertising Competition. I’m not sure why it took me so long. You think I’d have been bursting at the seams to share our brilliant campaign with the world. ‘Cause it is kind of brilliant.

But man, talk about burned out.

From January to April, the words “Glidden” and “Walmart” used up at least 50% of my breath. I went to bed at 10 p.m. every night from sheer exhaustion and dreamed about them. I paid little attention to my other classes because of them. Would I do it again? No effin’ way. Am I glad I did it? Definitely.

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Summer Reads, Thrifting & Scarves

Classes have been out for a week or so now, and I still have a couple weeks before I start my account planning internship at a wonderful agency, Firehouse. Let me tell you, time could not move fast enough!
I’m packing up and moving to my *last* college apartment at the end of this week, and then I know I’ll keep myself busy decorating. But until then, I’m keep myself busy with whatever I can get my hands on: DIY projects, thrift store shopping, cooking, reading (all the books!!) and trying to not spend all my decorating money on a new wardrobe. Continue reading

All Agencies, Big and Small

This spring, I’m going to start applying for summer internships. To scout out my selection, this winter break I went a-shadowing. And I highly suggest that every other student looking for an internship — or even a job — should do the same.

There are a few reasons it’s great to shadow. Of course you get an inside view of how the agency operates, what your job might entail, and how early in the morning you’ll have to arrive. But you also get to see the agency’s culture, which is incredibly important.

Culture can change a dead-end job to an awesome job, but it especially helps in the creative industry. You’re hired to think and create for a living — how are you going to do your best work if you don’t feel comfortable at your job? I tend to do my best thinking while I’m in the shower or lying in bed, trying to fall asleep. A cubicle is the farthest thing from my bed, know what I mean?

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Hearty Microwave “Muffin”

When I went home this summer, my mom introduced me to these awesome, thick, hearty, protein-rich oatmeal pancakes that she cooks in her cast iron skillet. They’re fabulous. It’s basically one egg, oatmeal, and milk, so when I found this recipe for a microwave “muffin” I was actually completely down to try it.
But you know me. I can’t leave a recipe alone.

Reading my textbook at breakfast. Welcome to college.

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Discoveries: Cookies, Kale and Concerts

I know what you’re thinking. Yes, I baked more cookies. But don’t forget that I also I cooked kale and went to an incredible concert. But cookies first. Trust me, it’s worth it.
This guy I met in my creative nonfiction writing class and I decided that because our class sat right on top of Valentine’s day dinner hour, we should bake cookies for everybody! That crazy kid wanted to make cookies out of a tube, but I insisted on making them from scratch, even though we were strapped for time. I’m a purist, what can I say?
I made some delicious discoveries about cookies and their content thanks to Baker Bettie (an awesome post I found on Pinterest, of course!), and the cookies we brought to class were PHENOMENAL, if I may say so myself!
She doesn’t share her perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe, which is fine because that’s how she makes a living, so I thought I would share mine from Valentine’s Day. Because it really is that awesome.

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Stayin’ Alive for the Cookies

My semester has decisively started out with a bang. I only now feel a teensy bit like I’m getting it all under control, and even then it’s threatening to slip out of my grasp (for instance, if one of my “blow-off” classes decides to assign any homework. At all.). But thankfully, I was able to get everything under control so I can enjoy my weekend, which starts Thursday night. So I made cookies!
   Sure, they’re just Nestlé Tollhouse cookies, but I learned a few very valuable lessons. Like Betty Botter? She knows what she’s doing. Half of my butter was old, and it made the dough taste weird. And I didn’t have any vanilla, so you know what I used? Maple syrup. It worked surprisingly well. However, I used about 1/2 cup so my cookies got a bit flat. I would suggest cutting back on a bit of the butter (better butter) and making sure you keep the dough cold until it’s baked.
  Also, baking cookies not only gave me a chance to pig out and relax, but I got to use one of the most adorable Christmas presents ever!

They’re measuring cups!

These adorable measuring cups from Fred Flare and matching spoons were a present from my mom this Christmas, and the cookies last night were their maiden voyage. I love them. That’s all.

Water, Water, Everywhere


This lovely graphic has been circulating for awhile on Pinterest and Tumblr, and I’d like to tell you that it’s all true, and more! This winter, I’ve gotten into the habit of drinking a ton of water and herbal teas, and I’ve definitely seen the benefits.
   There are a thousand and one reasons to keep yourself hydrated. Here are a few that I’ve noticed in the past few months:

  • If I get dizzy or my vision blacks out for a moment after standing up, I know I need to drink more water. I did a few test scenarios of this during my yoga classes last semester, and I found that when I drank a lot of water before class, this didn’t happen.
  • Winter is much less harsh to my hands and lips if I’m properly hydrated. When my hands start getting dry and I can’t stop licking my lips, I do reach for the moisturizers, but I also down another glass of water.
  • Hydration reduces the chance of split ends (which we could all do without!).
  • Water helps keep a hungry stomach at bay. I can’t tell you how often I find myself starving in the middle of class. If I have a bottle of water, I can at least stop my stomach from grumbling embarrassingly. 
  • Water also helps keep you from eating too much. It takes time for food to settle in your stomach for you to stop feeling hungry, so if you eat too quickly you can easily eat too much. Sipping water in between bites is a healthy way to slow down the eating process and, of course, keep yourself hydrated.
  • Water stops a hangover dead in its tracks. Alcohol dehydrates the body, so if you make sure to drink lots of water with all of the booze, you can wake up the next morning without the headache.
  • Just plain old headaches can be a side-effect of dehydration as well, so drink up!

I know no one needs to be convinced water is good for them, I’m just not sure they realize how beneficial it really is. There are many things our bodies can do naturally, without expensive products or crazy fad diets, but they can’t do it without the necessary fuel.