UNT Preview Book

SWOOP Agency, fall 2012
My role: Account Executive, Copywriter

Every semester, the UNT Admissions office hosts a Preview Day for potential students. On that day, they give out a guidebook that has everything potential students and their families need to know about the university. SWOOP had created a Preview book for the office last year, and our job this year was to change it up and make it sing.

Preview Book_9

We decided to go with a theme of discovery, which included little-known facts about the¬†university and photos of unique “UNT Details” that can be seen around campus.

We also decided to jazz up the copy a bit with a voice that’s more young person-friendly and create a couple infographics, which are much more visually stimulating than copy and words.

We also sent the book to the printer ourselves, which took quite a bit of coordination, but proved a valuable learning experience. The Admissions office was very pleased with the book — especially the infographics!

preview book montage

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