SWOOP Agency, spring 2012
My role: Copywriter and Social media strategist

The UNT Health Science Center School of Public Health approached us with a problem — their school is virtually invisible to UNT flagship students. You see, the UNT Health Science Center is in Fort Worth, not Denton, and completely off the radar of a student who might be interested in getting a graduate degree in a public health field. They wanted to change that.

IMG_0349We organized a movie night to show the movie Contagion. We had green popcorn, drinks and creepy decor. Before the movie, the SPH sent in a representative to talk about the role of public health in the movie, and afterwards there was a table where students could get more info about the programs.

The event was awesome, but the way we publicized it was better.

AqnqcTrCIAEAHY3.jpg_largeOne week before the event, we sent out two SWOOPers in hazmat suits to circle the campus. I walked ahead and snapped photos, instantaneously sharing them via SWOOP Facebook and Twitter accounts. (We alerted the appropriate authorities, first, of course.)

The results were hysterical. Some students tweeted that they were afraid to come to campus. We let the campus paper know that we were up to something, and we got a photo on the next day’s front page of the NT Daily.

public health LAMINATE FrontWhen the Daily went to print, we let everyone know who was really behind the HazMat guys — and that we did it to promote our movie night. Then we started using the School of Public Health’s own Twitter handle to promote the hashtag #sphgoesviral. In one day, the hashtag generated almost 9,000 impressions.

For the next week, we passed out laminate “tickets” on lanyards and tweeted our location with the hashtag. We put up signs all over campus, and several people asked for photos.

We passed out all 1,000 tickets, and 100 people showed up for the event. The best part was that the group of student representatives from the School of Public Health gave out all of their materials after the showing. And the SPH asked us to work with them again in 2013.

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