From blog to fully-functional site

Man, the holidays are crazy. I would like to know whose idea it was to cram so many things into a week. Family visits, cooking, gift-buying, cat-transporting… But now they’re over. And I even managed to finish two books. Two!

One, a classic — Tess of the D’Urbervilles. SO GOOD.

Tess of the D'Urbervilles

If you’re into classic lit at all, read it. I gobbled the whole thing in about three days — all 450-odd pages of it.

The other is a perfect candidate for an advertising book review, so I’ll probably write up a post when I get bored in the next couple of weeks (probably).

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New digs, y’all

I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to finally get off Blogger. For the past few months, the interface was just feeling increasingly outdated (funny how time does that), and I just wanted something cleaner, fresher, more 2022 than 2002. Of course, I don’t think I post enough pictures to be that modern, but oh well. I really am enjoying WordPress a lot more, although it took me all morning to find a template that does what I want. Maybe someday once I have an actual personal website I’ll spend the $30/yr to make everything consistent and beautiful. But until then, I’ll be here, sporadically blogging because even though I don’t have much time to blog, I still love it.

And I love all of you for sticking with me. To make amends, here’s a kitty pic.

He's getting so big, isn't he??

Are we friends again? Thought so.


My Birthday and a New Blog Title

In approximately three hours I’ll officially be two decades old. In reality, I won’t hit that mark for about another 23 hours, but when you’re two decades old, one day doesn’t make that much difference. (I say that now!)
   When I named my blog “Nineteen and Counting,” I knew I’d have to deal with being 20 someday. I thought about simply changing the name to “Twenty and Counting,” but it really doesn’t have the same ring, and when I thought about it, I don’t really feel like I’m “counting” towards anything anymore. I mean, I still can’t wait to be legally allowed to order wine, but I think maybe I’m settling into my own skin. At this point, I’m more grown than growing. I still have a ways to go before I’ll feel like an official adult, but I’m beginning to realize that being an adult is a feeling that comes with experience rather than age. Plus, who wants to have to change the name of their blog every year?
   After ruling out “Twenty and Counting,” I had to come with something else. I tried really hard to find something that defined me, that defined my blog, but kept ending up with names that either sounded unoriginal or too too, if you know what I mean. “Eclectic Inspiration” was one that is definitely too too. Then one of my coworkers reminded me of an unofficial nickname I’ve had since kindergarten, and I started to think about how much my uniquely spelled name has defined me over the past twenty years.
   I feel really blessed to be named Loryn.  I know several Laurens, many of whom are also Lauren Elizabeths, but I am the only Loryn. Loryn sounds exactly like its counterpart, but is so much more unique, and still tasteful. My name helped me develop my sense of individuality growing up, and maybe even some of my teenage rebelliousness (sorry, Mom!).
   I’m pretty sure I would not be the same person were I named Laura or Lauren or Lori, like my parents were considering. I’m so thankful my parents gave me a name I can identify with. I hope someday I can give my own child such a defining name, one that they treasure as much as I treasure mine.


Okay, I’m done with trying to do Friday Fives during the summer. My days go so quickly that before I’ve choked out one (yes, sometimes they actually are difficult), it’s time to dredge up ideas for another, and I really despise turning out crap. Since no one is holding my foot to the fire, I think I’m going to call off summertime Friday Fives.
     I know you’re all horribly upset, that your lives are ruined, but honestly, not a whole lot goes on in my life or in my mind during the summer. I’ll take a hiatus and resume when school does. In the meantime, I’ll post whenever the muse inspires. Have a great summer!

New Design

So this morning I was killing time and I decided to change up my blog a bit. The length of the title has always bugged me as has my use of someone else’s photo for my background. The photograph I picked for my current background I’m pretty proud of — I took it with the Rebel during the Antiques Mall photo shoot. Plus, I think the pale blue just looks awesome with the B&W. Don’t hesitate to provide feedback, but if you don’t like it don’t expect me to change it back. What can I say? I happen to think it’s adorable. I know you’re all afraid that the goofy posts about Star Wars will go away because now my blog looks all sophisticate, but don’t worry, a girl can be indie and sexy while retaining her inner nerd! 

Introducing: The Friday Five

Being primarily a budding writer, I understand the importance of words. Being somewhat of a media philosopher, I understand how current language can define a society.
So, in the interest of creating a weekly bit to keep myself disciplined, each Friday I will present five words I find intriguing for some reason or another. From henceforth, they shall be known as the Friday Five (because I’m a sucker for alliteration).

1. Lilliputian– adj.

  • extremely small; tiny; diminutive
  • petty; trivial

I’d like to begin today with a shout-out to one of my close friends who posted a Facebook status about this word. Lilliputian is an amazing word because it is a direct allusion to the miniature inhabitants of the island of Lilliput in Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels.

Definitely a nightmare. Source.

Imagine, writing a book so influential your fictional country takes on a meaning of its own! I tried to read Gulliver’s Travels when I was about eight (for the AR points, mainly), and failed miserably. Something tells me I might have to give it another chance.

2. Bourgie– adj. (slang)

  • obsessed with material possessions
  • stuck-up; pretentious

Ke$ha once again sent me to school. Check out the chorus of Sleazy.

I know what bourgeoisie means (even if I can’t spell it correctly on the first attempt), but it took me forever to put two and two together. You can guarantee I’ll induct this word into my “Girls’ Night Out” vocab.  
3. Mediocre– adj. 
  • of moderate quality; not very good
  • neither good nor bad
  • rather poor or inferior

Mediocre is not a forgotten word or anything like that, we all know it and use it, but it’s definitely one of my favorites. It just rolls off the tongue and sounds exactly like its meaning. But I have some strong ties to this word. Sophomore year of high school, my friend Emily came over so I could teach her some guitar. Of course, this didn’t happen. Somehow, we decided the word “mediocre” sounded a lot like a medicine, which lead to the creation of the fictional drug “Medicore: for the hardcore in you.”
We created a theme song to be sung to the tune of the guitar solo from “Smoke on the Water,” which was as far as we’d gotten in our guitar lessons:

Brain dam-age/ Brain dam-age, yeah!/ You will get/ brain dam-age 

Wrap your mind around that, folks. We filmed a commercial, but we swore a bit and when my mom found it she erased it. (C’mon, mom! We were being hardcore!) Sad day. 

4. Grok– v. (slang)
  • to understand thoroughly and emphatically

Coined by sci-fi novelist Robert Heinlein in the sixties and discovered by me in Michael Pollan’s book The Omnivore’s Dilemma. This word is just as fun to use as mediocre, but definitely does not sound like its meaning. Grok. It makes me want to say, “Yeah, I grok you, man,” and dress like a beatnik.


5. Hoary– adj. 
  • gray or white, as if with age
  • extremely old

When I read this word in my Comp II textbook, my first thought was, “Whore-y? Hoagie? WTF?” But it seems my ignorance has once again got the best of me. According to, hoary is first seen used in Beowulf (c. 8th-11th century AD). In those times, hoar meant a greyish-white color, and so, as we do all the time, people just stuck a -y on the end and made it an adjective. It amazes me how much we think humans have changed, when in reality people have been creating slang since the dawn of time.