Crochet Yoga Mat Strap

It’s amazing how many things you can crochet if you put your mind to it. I needed a strap to carry my yoga mat, but I didn’t particularly care for the velcro-y patterned ones sold at places like Target.

Crocheted yoga mat strap by LorynwithaY

All together it’s only three rows of SC, with one adjustment: on the second row, SC two, chain 3 & skip 3, and then continue your SC until 5 from the other end, then chain 3 & skip 3, then SC two and turn for the final row. This gives you two gaps, one on each end. When you’ve finished and tied off, pull an end through each gap so you have two adjustable loops on each end. Wrap over your mat and enjoy!

I made mine out of jute, but if you want to use a normal yarn without sacrificing strap width, all you need to do is add more rows. Just make sure you do an odd number and the row with the gaps is in the middle.


10 thoughts on “Crochet Yoga Mat Strap

  1. Hi Loryn,

    I am making your yoga mat strap for a yoga mat I crocheted. Thanks for your photo and directions. I found you by google searching “yoga mat crochet” or something like that. I’m making mine from double stranded cotton and with 5 rows.

    Cathy Dyer
    45 yrs old
    Apex, NC

    • To be honest it’s been so long since I made it, I’m not sure. But the number of chains you start with will be the overall length of the strap, so you can kind of test it by wrapping each end around your mat to see if you have enough length for it to act as a strap. Hope that helps!

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