Superfood Spring Rolls

I’m in the final week of my mini-summer, and I’m wearing myself out keeping myself occupied. It’s a tough life.

Anyways, to keep myself busy (and because I moved into a new apartment), I decided to host a few friends (the ones kind enough to drive out to see me) for some summer swimming and snacking. And I’ve learned how terribly fun it is to menu-plan.

Because I now live very near to the largest Asian market in the area, I decided my menu would be Asian-themed. Here it is!

Saucy Asian Meatballs from Gimme Some Oven
Edamame Potstickers from Stay Happy, Stay Healthy
Superfood Spring Rolls (recipe below!)
Fresh veggies & homemade hummus
Popcorn seasoned with ginger

I’m also attempting a Boba Tea bar. I have green tea, jasmine tea, chamomile tea, sweetened condensed milk (yum!) and the boba. I’m only missing the straws. Nobody sells them, and I don’t exactly have time to order. If you see that some crazy lady was arrested for holding up a boba tea place and demanding fat straws… yep, that’ll be me.

But let’s talk spring rolls. Since I learned rice paper wrappers cost about $3 and can be filled with any fresh vegetable under the sun, I’ve been addicted. And when you have a lot of free time on your hands, not a lot of money (NOT because you spent it all at IKEA, probably), and people to feed, spring rolls are a great option.

I’ve had some Thai black rice in my pantry for awhile — I never take the time to make rice — but when I do make it, I die remembering how nutty and delicious it is. And it’s loaded with antioxidants. Add some kale & avocado… boom. Superfood-Asian fusion.

Superfood Spring Rolls

1 cup (uncooked) Thai black rice, cooked according to package directions
2 small avocados
1/2 lemon
3-4 large leaves of kale
15-18 rice paper wrappers

1. Slice the avocados and put them in a bowl. Squeeze the lemon over them and make sure they all get covered. They’re going to be sitting out for awhile while you do the rolling, so this prevents brown avocados.
2. Tear up your kale into tiny bits, about 2 in wide, and set in another bowl.3. Set up your wrapping station.


I like to wet my wrappers in a shallow dish of water (like a cookie sheet), and have another cookie sheet for wrapping. The sides make a convenient pocket for placing filling before rolling them up!
4. Get wrapping! Wet the rice paper wrapper until JUST BEFORE the imprint starts falling off. If the imprint falls off while it’s still in the water, you’re going to have trouble. I put a spoonful of rice down first, then two slices of avocado and a couple pieces of kale. Keep your finished rolls fairly spaced out, otherwise they’ll stick together and (potentially) rip.

Superfood Spring Rolls // Loryn with a Y
That’s all there is to it! If you serve them raw (which I usually do), you’ll definitely want a sauce of some sort. Soy sauce is a go-to option, but my favorite is to whip up a bit of tahini with olive oil. Mmmm, sesame seed paste.

P.S. If it turns out well, I’ll post photos of my finished table. But only if it looks good.

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