Summer Reads, Thrifting & Scarves

Classes have been out for a week or so now, and I still have a couple weeks before I start my account planning internship at a wonderful agency, Firehouse. Let me tell you, time could not move fast enough!
I’m packing up and moving to my *last* college apartment at the end of this week, and then I know I’ll keep myself busy decorating. But until then, I’m keep myself busy with whatever I can get my hands on: DIY projects, thrift store shopping, cooking, reading (all the books!!) and trying to not spend all my decorating money on a new wardrobe.

So far, I’ve read…

    Trainspotting // Irvine Welsh   

All highly recommended.

I’ve bought…

Thrift store finds... and Simon

I need a couch, I buy candlesticks. Makes sense, right? Oh well. $22 (including chair!) at a local thrift shop.

I’ve made…

Herbs in tins! It's a cat tube!

And today… SCARVES!

So, I love scarves. I have two that I wear nearly once a week each, and I get compliments every time. But man, are they expensive! Seriously, $20 for less than a yard of fabric? We can do better than this. Especially when you live in a city with a place like SCRAP.

SCRAP is a “Creative Reuse Center,” which means they take donations of peoples’ leftover craft supplies and resell them for SUPERCHEAP. Seriously. $2 skeins of yarn, $1 yards of fabric, 25 cent keys, 10 cent vintage postcards, they’ve got it all. Even hard-to-find expensive paints. I spied a $10 box of manila/sisal rope that must have had more than 400 yards in it. Good stuff, yo. So when I stumbled in this morning looking for inspiration, I took one look at all those cheap yards of fabric and realized something… SCARVES.

I bought four different pieces for less than $5. Take THAT, retail industry!

Fabric from SCRAP

Now, making a square scarf might seem like child’s play for the experienced seamstresses out there, and that’s great. You can make hundreds of scarves! But for sewing rookies like me, this was an adventure. But now that I’ve done it, I know how easy it is. So you should do it, too.

First, make your fabric into a square of the desired size by folding one corner diagonally and cutting off the extra fabric.

Boom, halfway there! All you have to do is hem it. The best way to hem something neatly, I’ve found, is to use an iron and pins. Fold once, press, fold again, press. Two folds keep the line on the reverse nice and neat. Pin the creases as you go. Be sure to tuck in those corners!

Creasing and pinning

As far as I’m concerned, scarves are the perfect beginner sewing project. First, you can ALWAYS use more scarves. Second, it’s going to be crumpled up around your neck, so who cares if the stitch is straight? Just go for it!

Sewing Scarves

I’m not saying my sewing experience was entirely without mishaps… but overall, very easy project. All four of my scraps were transformed into darling scarves before 2pm!

Easy DIY Scarves from LorynwithaY

Happy summer, y’all!


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