Hot and Sour Soup from a Kroger

I’ve loved Hot and Sour soup for longer than I can remember. My parents say that when I was little bitty they’d pick out the tofu for me, and I didn’t even mind the spiciness. I’ve never understood why anyone would pick egg-drop over this deliciousness. In fact, I use this soup as a quality meter for Chinese restaurants. If your Hot and Sour soup sucks, there’s a chance I might never step foot in your restaurant again.


But we can’t all make traditional Hot and Sour soups in our own homes. Three years ago, my mom and I became somewhat addicted to it, so we devised a recipe from things you can find at your very own suburban supermarket. Continue reading

Ad Books: “Hey Whipple, Squeeze This.” by Luke Sullivan

One of my nearest and dearest mentors recommended this book to me a few semesters ago, but the title sounded weird so I didn’t read it. What the hell’s a Whipple anyway? If I had only picked up a copy and read the first paragraph I would have known, but to save you from falling victim to the same stigma, I’m going to educate you.


Mr. Whipple was the star in Charmin’s “Don’t Squeeze the Charmin” campaign that began in 1964 and ran for TWENTY ONE YEARS. That campaign was old enough to drink. Most, like our good friend Luke Sullivan, thought the commercials were absolutely horrid, but Charmin was makin’ money so the Whipple ads kept runnin’ until 1985. And then, according to Mr. Whipple’s own personal Wikipedia article, he cameĀ back in 1999 before finally surrendering to the cuddly, still-annoying-but-less-intrusive Charmin bears.

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