Improv Italian

I’m always challenging my boyfriend to try new foods, and I really appreciate how game he is when I try to feed him cauliflower crust pizza or his first raw sushi. He says he’s liked everything I’ve ever gotten him to try, but last night, we both agreed we needed a little comfort food.

Or how he put it: “Cheesy, greasy, bad-for-me Italian food.”

Hungry yet?

I decided earlier in the day that we’d make pasta shells, but I hadn’t quite thought it all the way through, and before I knew it I was standing in the produce section of a Central Market without consulting a single cooking blog.

Good thing this ain’t my first rodeo.

ImagePasta shells pre-oven… Success!

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Ad Books: “Free Prize Inside” by Seth Godin

The first (and long-overdue) installment in my series of book reports is an ingenious marketing book by prolific author Seth Godin. I’m not going to pretend that I’ve read all of his books, but I’ll certainly say I intend to. His writing is conversational, memorable, and easy to understand. He’s one of those rare writers who can be irreverent without being tacky.


This book is based on the idea that the easiest way to make a product (or service) more interesting is to provide a free prize. What’s a free prize? Godin equates the free prize to the cheap-o toy in the cereal box (the first edition of his book was even packaged in a cereal box). The free prize is that little bit of something that makes your product/service better than all the others.

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