New digs, y’all

I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to finally get off Blogger. For the past few months, the interface was just feeling increasingly outdated (funny how time does that), and I just wanted something cleaner, fresher, more 2022 than 2002. Of course, I don’t think I post enough pictures to be that modern, but oh well. I really am enjoying WordPress a lot more, although it took me all morning to find a template that does what I want. Maybe someday once I have an actual personal website I’ll spend the $30/yr to make everything consistent and beautiful. But until then, I’ll be here, sporadically blogging because even though I don’t have much time to blog, I still love it.

And I love all of you for sticking with me. To make amends, here’s a kitty pic.

He's getting so big, isn't he??

Are we friends again? Thought so.



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