Reblog: Laptop sleeve for less than $5

Hey all! In case you didn’t know, this is not the first blog I’ve attempted. It’s just the first semi-successful one. In my first blog, File It Under Miscellaneous (awfully long title), I had three posts. The first one was a, “Hey blagosphere, I’m here!” the second was a cool laptop sleeve tutorial, and the third and final post was a promise to blog more often. Whoops.
The point is that I decided to delete the blog, but I’m reblogging the tutorial because I’d like to preserve it for future generations of bloggers.
I guess recycling blog posts is my way of being environmentally friendly. Just kidding, it’s only laziness. Here we go.

From August 19, 2010 ——–

I recently purchased my very first MacBook, and because I was completely in love with the thing, I began to search for ways to protect it. I already owned a fancy laptop backpack, but I was concerned about scratches and dings to its wonderfully glossy aluminum surface.

After some research, I discovered that protective sleeves for my MacBook could run as high as forty bucks, and even after the price, sleeves for my tiny 13″ were scarce. I had just blown a solid grand on my laptop, so it’s not like I had money to burn. One day while I was searching, I discovered that a seller on Etsy had created her own, and the wheels in my head started spinning…

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Oh, Suburbia!

It’s been too long, my friends! I hope this brief poem I jotted down today on the back of my car inspection receipt will suffice for a post until I can make my life slow down.It’s called “Oh, Suburbia.”

Driving toward an unexplored mall,
sealed in a protective bubble
of indie rock and jasmine tea,
I cry:

O Suburbia!
Land of neglected sidewalks
and untarnished crosswalk buttons.
My bike would be useless here.