The QR Code

Okay, let’s get one thing straight: QR codes are a hassle.

I’m not sure why people are slapping them all over the place. Posters, t-shirts, cars, books, wristbands, water bottles… they’re everywhere. And half of them lead the user to the a web address that’s printed within inches of the code. It’s annoying.
If there’s a webpage you want someone to go to, put that web address on there instead of a QR code. Web addresses stick in people’s minds, and then later that night when they’re at their computers, they’ll type in that web address and take a look. If you completely replace the web address with the QR code, you’re losing that entire audience. Only retired people have time to go around scanning QR codes for just a simple web page.
I know they look trendy and futuristic, but they’re a waste of space and a layout designer’s nightmare. A QR code is the easiest way to ruin a well-designed poster. But I have to concede, they aren’t all bad.

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Poetry from an Analogophile

I haven’t really written any poetry in awhile. It’s sad, because I really enjoy pairing and pruning my words and ideas, so when I had some free time today and a lyrical phrase popped up in my mind, I took full advantage of it. The result?
I think I’m an analogophile.
Let me explain. I love my MacBook dearly. I love my cell phone less, but I still love it. I love blogging and I love Netflix and I definitely love keeping in touch with all of my best friends from back home. But sometimes?
Sometimes I want an alarm clock that ticks and rings a bell to wake me up, instead of my phone so the first thing I see isn’t my missed calls or texts. Sometimes I want to turn a knob to click on the radio instead of having to turn on my computer and be bombarded with email and Facebook. See what I mean?
I came up with the term “analogophile” while trying to go to bed way too early a few nights ago. I wanted to make sure it was unique, so I Googled it, and people have used it before, but only for usernames and the like.
I think analogophilia should be an Urban Dictionary term or something (ambitious, I know), because I think a lot of people have a bit of it in them. It’s definitely showing up all over Pinterest in that hipster-vintage style. Clocks, typewriters, rotary phones… We eat it up. The background of my blog? Old phone. I loved it, so I took a picture of it. Case and point.

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