Hearty Microwave “Muffin”

When I went home this summer, my mom introduced me to these awesome, thick, hearty, protein-rich oatmeal pancakes that she cooks in her cast iron skillet. They’re fabulous. It’s basically one egg, oatmeal, and milk, so when I found this recipe for a microwave “muffin” I was actually completely down to try it.
But you know me. I can’t leave a recipe alone.

Reading my textbook at breakfast. Welcome to college.

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Discoveries: Cookies, Kale and Concerts

I know what you’re thinking. Yes, I baked more cookies. But don’t forget that I also I cooked kale and went to an incredible concert. But cookies first. Trust me, it’s worth it.
This guy I met in my creative nonfiction writing class and I decided that because our class sat right on top of Valentine’s day dinner hour, we should bake cookies for everybody! That crazy kid wanted to make cookies out of a tube, but I insisted on making them from scratch, even though we were strapped for time. I’m a purist, what can I say?
I made some delicious discoveries about cookies and their content thanks to Baker Bettie (an awesome post I found on Pinterest, of course!), and the cookies we brought to class were PHENOMENAL, if I may say so myself!
She doesn’t share her perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe, which is fine because that’s how she makes a living, so I thought I would share mine from Valentine’s Day. Because it really is that awesome.

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Food Porn: Chocolate Cheesecake

This semester I don’t really have the time or the money for actual baking, which is depressing, but I’ll survive. Want to know why? Food porn.
It’s not really that dirty (unless you choose to make it so, which is creepy), but it is awesome. There are several awesome food blogs that take phenomenal pictures of their food, not to mention Food Porn Daily, which is a site completely devoted to pictures of damn good-looking food. Be careful with FPD, though– it’s a tease. They don’t post the recipes!
My boyfriend called me out on a food porn addiction yesterday when I saw a picture of a cheesecake I had made and freaked out because it looked so yummy. In my opinion, the freak-out was totally justified. My little sister is a great photographer, and it was a great cheesecake. But apparently my excitement puts me in a “weird” group of food-presentation-appreciaters, known to the rest of the world as food porn addicts. Who cares? It looks delicious.

Photo credit to my younger sister, Jenna.

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