Stayin’ Alive for the Cookies

My semester has decisively started out with a bang. I only now feel a teensy bit like I’m getting it all under control, and even then it’s threatening to slip out of my grasp (for instance, if one of my “blow-off” classes decides to assign any homework. At all.). But thankfully, I was able to get everything under control so I can enjoy my weekend, which starts Thursday night. So I made cookies!
   Sure, they’re just Nestlé Tollhouse cookies, but I learned a few very valuable lessons. Like Betty Botter? She knows what she’s doing. Half of my butter was old, and it made the dough taste weird. And I didn’t have any vanilla, so you know what I used? Maple syrup. It worked surprisingly well. However, I used about 1/2 cup so my cookies got a bit flat. I would suggest cutting back on a bit of the butter (better butter) and making sure you keep the dough cold until it’s baked.
  Also, baking cookies not only gave me a chance to pig out and relax, but I got to use one of the most adorable Christmas presents ever!

They’re measuring cups!

These adorable measuring cups from Fred Flare and matching spoons were a present from my mom this Christmas, and the cookies last night were their maiden voyage. I love them. That’s all.


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