Antiquing, DIY, and Pinterest Success

Well, I’m all moved back into my dorm! It’s not as small as I remember it, but it’s still lonely and overpriced, so I’m already looking forward to moving into my apartment this summer. My roommate is already living there, so while we were out antiques shopping yesterday, I found this gorgeous winged table and… well, sad to say, I bought it.

Sorry about the photo quality, I didn’t have my camera.

I’m also sorry to say that I don’t regret it. The man who sold it to me told me that it used to belong to an historic family from my college town (he said this after I had run my credit card, so it wasn’t just sale patter!).
  It’s about 3.5 feet in diameter and when it’s fully open, it makes a great dining table for four. When it’s completely folded up, it will be perfect for an entryway. I can tell this is a piece I’m going to hold onto, and for only $75!

Classes haven’t started yet, and work really hasn’t either, so I’ve had to find inexpensive ways to entertain myself, especially after buying that table. Firstly, I finished my rug!

It perfectly complements my dorm-room style and its completion kept me occupied for an entire well-spent afternoon. I highly recommend this project; rugs make any room cozier.

This evening I needed something to keep me busy, so I got on Pinterest. Thanks to Pinterest, I now have a much better way to procrastinate than Facebook!
  I found a tutorial for this very cute crocheted soap scrubby in which I placed a bar of sweet-smelling Aerie soap. I might have to shower tonight instead of in the morning because I can’t wait to test it out!

Adorable. I just love a happy ending.


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