Easy-peasy T-shirt Rug

I love being on break because when I want to craft, I can. I’m not hindered by classes or work or that essay due in a week that I really should start but lack the willpower. On break, I’ve got glue and fabric and time on my hands, and it’s great. So today when I was struck with the desire to begin a t-shirt rug, I did. And I’m pretty excited about it so far.
  A crocheted t-shirt rug requires a lot of t-shirts and a lot of cutting, so after about an hour I stopped for fear of developing a blister from the scissors, but the rug itself is simple. All you need are some old t-shirts, scissors, and crocheting skills.

The first step is to cut up some t-shirts. I do this by cutting in a spiral, starting at the bottom and working up to the armpits. It doesn’t really matter how neatly you cut, just keep in mind that thin strips will yield a neater-looking rug. I varied mine because I’m going for a carefree-cute-crafty vibe.
  On the first t-shirt I attempted to cut up the whole thing up past the armholes, but it wasn’t worth it. I say just cut until you run into a hole.

You can make your rug rectangular or circular, crocheting with a t-shirt isn’t too different from crocheting with yarn. If you choose, you can go buy a huge crocheting needle that’s great for projects like this, or you can do like me and crochet with your fingers. It’s surprisingly easy.

This is my rug after an hour of work. There’s hardly anything to it! I’m not counting row numbers, but after the initial magic circle, I crocheted one row of two stitches in each stitch and then continued with alternating one and two stitches in each. My rug just now started to crinkle on the edges so I’ve switched to one stitch in each, and I’m just going to keep adapting that as I go. I can’t wait to have this in my dorm next semester!

Also, I would like to share a really awesome thrifting find. I usually don’t look for shoes in thrift stores, but when I saw this pair at Goodwill I couldn’t resist.

They’re just my size, genuine leather, and 100% hipster! I paid $8 for them and wore them the very next day. This, my friends, is why I thrift.


2 thoughts on “Easy-peasy T-shirt Rug

  1. what exactly makes things "hipster?"i would think nowadays pursuing that which is "hipster" simply for the sake of it being "hipster" is rather disparaged…lolalls i'm saying is, i didn't think being "hipster" was a positive thing anymore… feel free to argue the point.

  2. Haha, well, I was using "hipster" as more of a fashion description than a way of life. I agree, a hipster personality is not flattering or attractive. And for the record, when I bought the shoes, I just thought they were cute 🙂

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