Christmas Camera Pouch

Merry Christmas, everyone! For Christmas this year my parents gave me a camera, a very cute orange Canon Powershot, and I love it. The first thing I did when I opened the camera (after thanking my parents profusely, of course!) was pull out my yarn and hook to make a little case for it while the battery was charging. I took pictures to share, of course.

The pouch has a removable internal pouch I handstitched with a bit of fabric.

The entire project took me about 2 hours, from the time I picked up to the yarn to attaching the button. To make the pouch, I created one long strip of double crochets, with the front windows to reveal the fabric pouch, then circled the entire thing with a single crochet to bind the sides together. Super simple, but the result is charming!

Christmas is simply too much for our cat!

Christmas day with my family is traditionally super lazy. We all stay in our comfy clothes and play Christmas movies the whole day. Personally, I’m looking forward to National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation later tonight. Happy holidays, y’all!


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