Crocheting Madness!

Sunday night at about 7:30 I decided I wanted to crochet myself a scarf, so, I hauled my butt to the nearest fabric store (that closed at 8), quickly located and purchased thick yarn and a crochet hook, then rushed home to begin work on a big, bulky, warm, fuzzy scarf.
  Ever since I learned to chain stitch when I was a kid, crocheting has been something that just kinda seizes me in fits. I’ve crocheted several things that I’ll never use, and half of many more. My crowning achievement to date has been a cross-body bag I made with thick hemp cord (without a pattern!).

He just got whacked — focus on the purse!

When I crochet, I tend to just kind of do. I think I use a single stitch most of the time, but after looking at diagrams, I’m really not sure. All I know is that I can usually manipulate the loops to do what I want, and that’s what I did to make this scarf.

It’s a terrible picture, I’m sorry.

I used two different stitches for the scarf. One was my single stitch, where I loop the yarn over the hook, then hook one side of the original chain, and then pull the yarn through. I also used my half stitch for a tighter weave, which is simply hooking one side of the original chain and pulling the new loop through. My fancy stitch is only an extended stitch, where I add a two chain stitches in between two single stitches to make holes in the weave. If you’re actually interested in the technical aspects of this, feel free to comment and I’ll explain better!
  Anyways, there are blocks of the single stitch and the extended stitch, about 8 inches each, and then a fringe on either end, which I made by cutting several pieces of yarn and using a simple hitch knot on every chain. The result? Fabulous! I’m not ashamed to say that I’m thoroughly impressed with myself.
  Yesterday I made a hat with the leftover yarn and gave it to one of my friends. She loved it! I used the single stitch, one row of the extended stitch, and finished it off with a half stitch so the hat would fit snugly on her head.

Isn’t she precious? I wish I could wear hats like this. Adorable!

UPDATE 11/23: After spending two hours in the pre-Thanksgiving mass-consumerism district in my town, I realized I would much rather pay $15 for yarn and spend 12 nonconsecutive hours quietly crocheting than two looking for a scarf. Even if the storebought scarf would have only cost me $5. There’s something to be said for the “hearty work of head or hand” (Louisa May Alcott) that I much prefer to being stuck in traffic or crowded stores. This Black Friday, try making something by hand instead of being trampled to save a few extra dollars. If you must venture out to shop, however, STAY SAFE!!!

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