My Birthday and a New Blog Title

In approximately three hours I’ll officially be two decades old. In reality, I won’t hit that mark for about another 23 hours, but when you’re two decades old, one day doesn’t make that much difference. (I say that now!)
   When I named my blog “Nineteen and Counting,” I knew I’d have to deal with being 20 someday. I thought about simply changing the name to “Twenty and Counting,” but it really doesn’t have the same ring, and when I thought about it, I don’t really feel like I’m “counting” towards anything anymore. I mean, I still can’t wait to be legally allowed to order wine, but I think maybe I’m settling into my own skin. At this point, I’m more grown than growing. I still have a ways to go before I’ll feel like an official adult, but I’m beginning to realize that being an adult is a feeling that comes with experience rather than age. Plus, who wants to have to change the name of their blog every year?
   After ruling out “Twenty and Counting,” I had to come with something else. I tried really hard to find something that defined me, that defined my blog, but kept ending up with names that either sounded unoriginal or too too, if you know what I mean. “Eclectic Inspiration” was one that is definitely too too. Then one of my coworkers reminded me of an unofficial nickname I’ve had since kindergarten, and I started to think about how much my uniquely spelled name has defined me over the past twenty years.
   I feel really blessed to be named Loryn.  I know several Laurens, many of whom are also Lauren Elizabeths, but I am the only Loryn. Loryn sounds exactly like its counterpart, but is so much more unique, and still tasteful. My name helped me develop my sense of individuality growing up, and maybe even some of my teenage rebelliousness (sorry, Mom!).
   I’m pretty sure I would not be the same person were I named Laura or Lauren or Lori, like my parents were considering. I’m so thankful my parents gave me a name I can identify with. I hope someday I can give my own child such a defining name, one that they treasure as much as I treasure mine.

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