Words Nonpareil!

On Friday I came across an NPR blog article about Shakespearean phrases we still use today, which caught my eye because, well, I love Shakespeare. The post reminded me of this poster, which I have seen in several English classrooms today but love no less for its ubiquity:


Attached to the blog article was an interesting little gadget that analyzes your own words and tells you how similar your speech is to that of Shakespeare’s. Of course, I jumped on that. I input a sample (the second paragraph) from this blog post and was told “the waters of Avon lap at your feet.” My writing is 84% similar to Shakespeare’s!
  Whether this means that I have simply read too much or I’m a true literary genius, the world may never know, but I must say I was surprised to see how much my writing aligned with Shakespeare’s. I guess it’s true, we do owe a lot to the Bard.


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