What You Can Do With a B-Grade Dorm Room

I didn’t know how good I had it in my dorm last year. I was living in what is called a semi-private room, so I had more space than I knew what to do with, a kitchenette, and space to have all of my friends over.

  When it came time to select my dorm for this year, however, I reconsidered the semi-private room in favor of a dorm that was not only closer to all of my classes, but cheaper. The only downside would be the room size: all of the semi-private rooms in this dorm were already taken, so I would have to content myself with a smaller private room. 

I knew at the time and have only been affirmed that the biggest and most difficult change for me would be losing the kitchenette. (Space for clothing was astonishingly only a minor adjustment!) Being the foodie I am, it has been so hard for me to go from a kitchenette (to a full kitchen back home over the summer) to almost nothing at all. I say almost nothing because I feel as if I have done something fairly ingenious with my extremely cumbersome university-issue desk.

It’s a kitchenette! I never used it last year anyways. I put storage and trash where the desk chair is supposed to go, in the back corner of the desk I put a corner rack for dishes, and my electric skillet resides in the space below the drawer (which holds all of my utensils).
  In my makeshift kitchenette, I can make salads, any egg dish, stir fry, hot tea, coffee, filets… in fact, more than I could have made last year, thanks to the electric skillet.
  There are, of course, still some drawbacks. The lack of kitchen sink, for instance. The water temperature bathroom barely gets above lukewarm so I never feel as if my dishes are entirely clean. I also had to give up my toaster oven because there isn’t enough room for it and I was concerned it would melt the desk.
  But there have to be sacrifices, no? If there wasn’t anything wrong with this setup I wouldn’t have anything to look forward to in a full kitchen. As things are, I’m pretty pleased with my renovations. And if you’re wondering, yes, I did go out and get a (much smaller) replacement desk.


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