Back in the Swing of Things

For someone who so often refers to herself as a bohemian, I do love a good routine. My theory is that there has to be a routine for it to be broken. There isn’t anything quite like the freeing feeling I get when I skip out on or rearrange something I usually do. Right now, however, there is nothing I usually do anymore, so consider this the rebuilding stage. Expect to see the return of the Friday Five (literary lovers will appreciate this week’s post!) and hopefully more interesting anecdotes from my new classes (which I am quite excited about, even though I haven’t been to all of them yet).
     This semester is particularly pivotal to my professional future. Last December I developed a new career goal but was unable to take classes pertaining to it until now, so this is the semester I get to see if I’ll actually enjoy my new course as much as I think I will. If all goes according to plan, I will become a much better blogger and social media guru (I may even give in and set myself up on Twitter) and I’ll provide links to anything I write for any publications. I will also write a great many more posts while overly caffeinated, as I am right now. Oh college, I missed you so much.


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