Single Moms, I Empathize

This week my parents went out of town. My mom was quite nervous because she had never left my sisters and I home alone for so long without a relative coming to stay, but she knew it would be ridiculous because all three of us are well beyond needing constant adult supervision. She made me promise a million times to keep track of my sisters and keep food in the house and know all the emergency procedures (yes, we do have them) and lock the doors and don’t talk to strangers, etc. This would have been a piece of cake if I was not working 8-5 every day this week.
     After dealing with guy problems (Julia: Yeah, it’s over with that one guy. Don’t feel bad, I think it needed to happen), coming home after forgetting to go to the store, being sick and not having enough energy to clean anything up, and getting angry with a 14-year-old who neglects her chores because she sits home by herself all day and watches TV shows, I think I understand what it would be like to be a single mom. And damn, I respect what they do.
     These past few days seem to me to have been exactly like what it would be like if I were my own mother’s age (or a little younger), recently widowed (or divorced, but widowed is much more likely because I never would have been able to afford this house on my own), and supporting two teenaged daughters. And it sucks. I’m glad it’s just my own sisters and not my children because I did a pretty pathetic job of making sure they ate dinner and got home when they were supposed to! This experience has taught me a few things:
1) I need to be more careful who I get involved with, and to what degree. I don’t want to get married (or pregnant) and then wind up being left.
2) I need to get a good-paying job that I enjoy, otherwise I’ll never have any energy to spend time with my kids.
3) I am most definitely not ready for motherhood.
4) My sisters and I definitely take my parents for granted. They’re constantly cleaning up and picking up and having them gone just shows how much they do for us.
     So, Mom, Dad, thanks for the lesson. Now, please come back home!


2 thoughts on “Single Moms, I Empathize

  1. Hi!Sorry to hear about your breakup. Sounds like you're dealing with it well, so that's good to hear. It sounds like it was pretty mutual, but either way, hopefully you've got some good girlfriends to hang out with in the meantime (whenever you're not working, that is)!

  2. Thanks, girl! I knew you'd ask, so I stuck that in there. I'm so sorry I haven't been posting much, I feel bad every time I sit down at my computer (which really isn't that often these days). I promise things will get better when I'm back in school!

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