Summer DIY: Twine Balls and Bottle Caps

Some days I just get into a really crafty mood. Generally this mood stems from a need I have (or think I have), like last Saturday this mood stemmed from looking at a Fossil catalog and realizing that a lot of the bracelets they were wearing I could make myself. While I was happily beading away, my younger sister stumbled in to watch, bringing crafty ideas of her own.

     She quickly pulled this crafty idea up on my laptop and I jumped right on board. I’ve seen these twine balls in several home decor stores and my mom is always looking for odds and ends to spruce up her decor.

Twine soaking in the glue mixture. I used Tacky glue because I thought it would hold better than Elmer’s.
Twine-wrapped balloons hanging up to dry. We put them on clothes hangers and hung them on the light fixture over the dining room table. The rest of the family thought we were bonkers.
Finished products! One fell apart because we skimped on the twine wrapping, so be sure to wrap it super thick!

They’re pretty simple to make, but I would add a few tips. One, cover your balloons in vasoline prior to wrapping the string. Two, use a twine with a fairly light gauge and soak it in the glue mixture for at least 5 min. Ours didn’t seem to get quite stiff enough, and I think that’s because our twine didn’t hold enough of the glue mixture. Don’t take my word, for it — go experiment! I might make some to hang in my dorm room later this summer.

Another awesome craft idea I had (although I’m sure it’s been done before) were to make my budding collection of bottle caps (beer and otherwise) into magnets.

Dos Equis, Shiner, Izze… I need to get some Coca Cola ones!

I hot glued round magnets inside each bottle cap, let them dry, then used the hot glue to sort of caulk in between the magnet and the rim of the cap and the magnet. It took me all of 20 minutes and I still have over half the pack of 50 magnets I bought. The fun ain’t stoppin’ yet!


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