Book Review: Wifey

At the beginning of the summer I compiled a list of books I wanted to read, and although Judy Blume’s Wifey was number two, it was the one I got my hands on first.


     I hate to say it, but Wifey was a disappointment. For me, the plot was lacking. (Spoiler alert!!) The woman realizes she’s bored with life, has men throwing themselves at her (so of course, she sleeps with them), is slapped in the face by the love of her life and, in the last few pages, realizes she didn’t have it all that bad to begin with. The whole conflict seems to be solely that the protagonist, Sandy, was being rather whiney and reacting to her aging marriage in an immature way. The profound realization that her husband really and truly does love her was lost on me because it happened so quickly I had to reread it to make sure that’s really what happened.
     It was just kind of bland. Maybe I am biased — the novel received high praise in the book I mentioned in my prior post, which, in retrospect, makes sense. Everything I Needed to Know about Being a Girl I Learned from Judy Blume is a collection of essays praising JB herself so I should have done myself a favor and taken its praise with a grain of salt before picking up Wifey. Maybe if I hadn’t had such high expectations I would have enjoyed the novel more. If nothing else, it was well-written, making it an easy summer read and poolside companion.


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