Friday Five: Things I Want To Do This Summer

Okay, so my fun vacation’s over, work doesn’t start until June,  and I have nothing to do between then and now. It’s really quite sad. I haven’t posted at all this week, and that’s because when I have nothing to do I become a grade-A lazy-ass. No joke. I sit here at home, doing nothing, thinking about the things I want to do, not getting out and doing them because “it’s too hot,” “it’s not worth the gas,” or some other equally lame excuse. I did, however, check out Wifey from the local library yesterday and as soon as I finish my current read, a Joyce Carol Oates book, I plan to devour it. Maybe I’ll even write a book review about each one of these books, just to keep my mind sharp. Anyways, I discovered that blogging about the books I want to read is keeping me semi-accountable, so I thought it’d be a good idea to blog about the things I want to do as well, so I’ll actually get off my ass and do them.

5) Buy a new cell phone.


My cell phones have always been sub-par, and that’s putting it gently. I had my first phone, a Nokia brick, for 3 years, and then I bought my current phone, a cheap Motorola Razr knockoff, if it’s possible to have knockoffs within the same brand. The reason I’ve always had crap-tastic phones is because my mom decided early on that cell phone plans were not for us. We had Tracfone (minute-by-minute prepaid), then I got annoyed and jumped to Straighttalk (unlimited prepaid), and now we’re all scattered across the board and I’m considering switching to Virgin Mobile so I can actually use the unlimited data I’m paying for. I could rant for forever about how much the Straighttalk phones suck, but I won’t. I like Virgin Mobile’s phone selection because it’s closer to what big-name providers like Sprint and T-mobile offer. I have yet to decide on a phone, it’s difficult because in the back of my mind I know that what I’m really shooting for is an iPhone.

4) Take my younger sister out for sushi.


After I raved to my little sister about eating sushi with my cousin in DC, she admitted to me that she wanted to try it. This is a huge step for us, because we were raised in a household of bland tastes. My dad appreciates more exotic flavors, but he was rarely the dinnertime cook. Before becoming more health-conscious, my mom was known on my dad’s side of the family for being the queen of casseroles. Mango is too exotic for her to handle. When I took her to an awesome Thai hole-in-the-wall in my college town she complained the place was too “sketchy.” So, now, my timid sister admitting she wants to sample sushi is a huge step in culinary awakening, and I want to foster that as much as possible even if she does only start out with a Cali roll. Plus, I haven’t tried any sushi places in my hometown area yet (most of them are kind of expensive) and I’m really excited to have an excuse.

3) Sew a skirt. 


While visiting my cousin I got to spend some time in Old Town Alexandria, an adorable district right over the water, and I stumbled into a vintage clothing store. There, I purchased a really cute rose-print skirt from the seventies for about $20, and upon close examination later that day I decided it had been handmade, and pretty simply, too. I’ve never been much of a seamstress — for some reason I just can’t handle a sewing machine very well — but I’m pretty good at designing patterns that work well and I’d like the opportunity to practice. So, sooner or later I’m going to trot down to Hancock fabrics, pick out a pretty print and sew myself a flouncy skirt.

2) Henna-rinse my hair.


My hair has always been an awesome dirty blonde with natural highlights that are almost platinum and and underside that is almost brunette, so I’ve always been wary of dying my hair. Recently I’ve started noticing some really awesome strawberry tones as well, and so I started looking into henna as a conditioner and a way to bring the strawberry out of my strawberry blonde. I’m not going for Lucille Ball red, but I’ve found several recipes for a henna rinse or gloss that will only tint my hair instead of full-on dye it, so this summer I plan to get a girlfriend and some henna and test it out!

1) Get a manicure.


 Never before in my life have I gotten a manicure. I guess it’s not that unusual, especially since I bite my nails, but I would really like to have french tips at least once in my life. Before the end of summer I’m going to try and let my nails grow just a bit and, if I can do that, I’ll reward myself with a $20 mani.


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