Friday Five: Photography Class

Last semester I was coerced into taking a class called Introduction to Visual Communications for News which was superfluous to my degree but I didn’t know that until it was too late. I’m still moderately bitter about it. I am not, nor will I ever be, interested or involved in filming news broadcasts, which is what the entire first half of the class covered. I hate pointing a camera at people I don’t know in the first place and it only exacerbates the situation when it’s a video camera. I got yelled at and kicked out of places (uncalled for because I wasn’t even filming what they thought I was filming), and news stories that work well with video are few and far between when you don’t know the area. Not to mention the professor was terrible at explaining technical aspects of the camera so I still have no clue how to manually focus a camcorder.

The second half of the class, however, was devoted to photography, which I am generally okay with. I’ve always recognized photography as an art (although in my opinion it takes much less skill than traditional fine art), but this class taught me to appreciate photojournalists. It’s as if you’re an artist whose only medium is constantly and uncontrollably changing, and in order to produce a work you have to capture it in just the right moment. Photogs, listen up, ’cause you’ve finally gained my respect. Use it wisely.

For this Friday Five I’m sharing with you my top five favorite photos that I’ve taken because of this class, because frankly I only got 5 hours of sleep last night and I was evicted from my dorm this morning and I’m about to drive 5 hours home. It’s a tough life, but these photos make me smile. Enjoy!

1) This is a photo of my friend Renee during an “environmental portrait” assignment photo shoot. Environmental portraits are like what you’d see in magazines when a person is spotlighted — they generally provide information about the subject. Renee is such a little kid at heart and wants to be an elementary school teacher, so we thought it’d be fun if she was chilling with a coloring book, especially if it was Spongebob.

2) This photo was for an assignment that taught us to utilize f-stop and shutter speed to get different depths of field. I really like it because it was impromptu — I saw the flowers and I started snapping pictures.

3) This week I got to check out the camera for an entire day, so I accidentally-on-purpose took the camera to work with me so I could snap some shots of my favorite kiddos. This little girl was moving too fast for me to focus entirely but the overall effect is so typical of a kid!

4) This line-up of cars just makes me smile. I love classic muscle cars and the coloring works so well. This picture is for the same depth of field assignment, so I apologize for all the foreground interest photos, but… so good. This photo is my current desktop background.

5) For my final project I got my friends Melissa and Cody to join me at our local Antique Mall so they can be hilarious while I snapped photos. This is one of the rare cute moments between the two of them — usually they are trying to lick each other or pretending to hit the other one with whatever heavy objects are lying around. I laughed so much while working on this assignment. I was so thrilled, though, to capture this moment, and so well, if I do say so myself!


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