Today, my dear friends, is a wonderful day on which devotees from around the world come together and (with a bit of a lisp) celebrate their adoration for Star Wars.


I am a die-hard fan of the Original Trilogy. In my world, the old and new trilogies are in completely different galaxies. Sure, the new trilogy has much better special effects and the dialogue isn’t (as) cheesy, but it is the old trilogy I am completely and totally in love with: I can quote most of A New Hope and Return of the Jedi by heart (but ROTJ is by far my favorite).

My dad started me off on Star Wars when I was young (before the new trilogy had been released), and at first I didn’t like it too much. My younger sister loved it, but it wasn’t really my thing. Ironically enough, something changed and we switched roles entirely. I think it may have been my friend Lacey who got me into Star Wars when the overly-kid-friendly Episode I was released. I have a great many good memories of Lacey and I reenacting our twists on scenes from Episode I (Lacey as Jar Jar: “Meesah going underwater, okey-day?” Me as the ever-serious Qui-Gon: “Okey-day.” Both jump in pool, come up laughing, switch roles and repeat.), and I suppose my dad latched on to my love for the new trilogy to completely immerse me in the old trilogy.

It was in middle school that my love for Star Wars reached absolute dorkiness. I spent hours and hours exploring the world of Star Wars through the online Star Wars Database (a feature that has been long renovated), teaching myself names of droids and reading back-stories (and forward-stories) of my favorite characters. I know that Luke marries another Jedi named Mara Jade and at least one of their children is named after Old Ben, and that Leia and Han get married and have twins Jacen and Jaina and also one named Anakin. I read books about those kids.

Jacen and Jaina pictured with Chewbacca’s nephew, Lowbacca. Source.

My one obsession that never really died out is the infatuation I have with Harrison Ford as Han Solo.

If I could travel in time I would go back to the filming of this movie and seduce him. Source.

Star Wars was filmed exactly at Harrison’s golden years. He retained his rugged good looks well into his later years, but damn, at this moment in time he is perfection. And I’m well aware Han Solo is a fictional character, but he’s exactly my type of guy. Charming, a little bit crass, but loyal. Sweet Jesus, please?

So, yes, I love Star Wars. I’m not ashamed. I know it’s cliché and dorky and will probably brand me as a nerd forever, but I don’t care. Star Wars defined a large part of my life and made me who I am today.

Halloween 2009. You should be jealous.

George Lucas, thank you for being so creative. Try not to do any more damage to the franchise or I swear, my Jedi alter-ego will end you.


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