Friday Five: Musicians I Love

I know it’s not Friday, I apologize. I only remembered on Friday and then there was a fire alarm in my building (a drill? I don’t know) and then I found myself watching Lord of the Rings until it was Saturday. I want to also apologize for not posting as often, I just got a new schedule at work and things have been hectic, but I promise I have some ideas that will make their way to the blagosphere eventually! That’s all the excuses I have for you today, I promise!
Okay, so this one is a bit lame, but what music lover doesn’t enjoy the chance to prate about their top five favorite artists every once in awhile? I’m usually pretty awful about picking favorites as far as entertainment goes, so these bands I’ve selected for you are my tried-and-true loves.
I’ve added a sample song from each of the bands for your listening pleasure, but in no way are those my favorite songs by these artists. There’s no way I could pick!
By the way, this is going to be a countdown, just for the suspense.

5) The Heartless Bastards (2003-present)

“Be So Happy” (The Mountain)

The Heartless Bastards are a relatively new love of mine; I was only introduced to them this year by one of my cousins who just so happens to have an impeccable taste in music. At first I was hesitant to embrace this band– I’ve never been a huge fan of female vocalists and as a choral singer I’d never before been exposed to anything remotely like Erika’s voice– but I soon came to love them, especially her voice. The Bastards are a rock-folksy band with excellent stage presence– they’re the only ones on this list that I’ve actually seen in concert!

4) Natalie Cole (1955-present)

“Smile” (Unforgettable: With Love)

I’m really only a huge fan of Natalie Cole for her Unforgettable album in which she sings all of the old jazz classics that her father, Nat King Cole, used to sing. I’ll listen to this album when I’m getting ready, when I’m sad, or when I’m in love, the moods are all there. My parents are actually the ones who own this album, so I grew up with this music and it’ll be with me for the rest of my life. I’ve heard so many of the old “greats” sing these songs, and don’t get me wrong, they’re awesome, but in my opinion Natalie Cole outdid them all.

3) Stevie Ray Vaughan (1970-1990)

“Pride and Joy” (Texas Flood)

Who’d have thought I could give so much respect to a musician who couldn’t even read sheet music? Stevie Ray was a phenomenal guitarist, and his cool blend of southern jazz and rock never fails to draw me in.  It doesn’t hurt that he’s a Texas native– I love me some Texan drawl!

2) The Beach Boys (1961-present)

“Little Deuce Coupe” (Surfer Girl)

My parents definitely have odd taste in music (Juice Newton, anyone?) but they did hit the mark every now and then. The Beach Boys was another band I grew up listening to and still can’t get enough of. In my opinion they’re still the best band ever for driving around with the top down, and as a decent musician myself I really appreciate the layered voices and harmonies. Who doesn’t feel good when listening to these happy-go-lucky teens? 

1) Eagles (1971-1980)

“Peaceful Easy Feeling” (Eagles

The Eagles. What can I even say? I remember being in the car with my parents listening to them over and over so now I know all the words to their early seventies greatest hits CD, listening to them through high school when times got rough, blaring their music over the speakers in my truck as I tore down backroads in my hometown… Desperado was the theme song of my first love, and Already Gone was what I played when we broke up. Peaceful Easy Feeling and Take it Easy were my summertime tunes. I learned so much of their stuff on the guitar to play it on my own, and those songs have gotten me through more heartache than anything. This band is golden, and I love it so much. 

3 thoughts on “Friday Five: Musicians I Love

  1. Desperado had never struck me before as a romantic song, I must say. :)But Already Gone is one of the best fuck-you-very-much breakup songs ever! Hahaha, I'm sure you'll agree on that point.So you're a musician! That's awesome! What do you play? Are you in a band or anything of the sort?–Julia

  2. Desperado isn't really that romantic, it became an inside joke sort of thing and it stuck haha. And I'm somewhat of a musician! I've been a choir kid since forever (this is the first year since kindergarten that I'm not part of a choir), and I play a bit of guitar. It works for me ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. That's amazing! I wish I were more musical; I love music so much. My brother's a pretty fantastic musician himself.I'd really like to hear you sing! I love pretty voices over acoustic guitars. It's a not-so-secret weakness of mine. ๐Ÿ™‚

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