Friday Five: Quotes

Recently I’ve been keeping a quote on the mirror above my sink, and these are a few I’ve found which really speak to me. Enjoy!

1) “How vain it is to sit down to write when you have not stood up to live.”
-Henry David Thoreau

As an aspiring writer, this quote really kicks me in the jewels. What does he mean by stand up to live? Live life? All of it? No one can possibly know everything. So do we just need to write about what we’ve lived through? Doubt Thoreau would say that. To me what Thoreau is saying here, in excellent parallel structure, is to keep an open mind and never seclude yourself from the world, no matter how important you think what you have to say is.

2) “One original thought is worth a thousand mindless quotings.”


The irony of quoting this quote really gets me. That’s all.

3) “I never think about the future. It comes soon enough.”

-Albert Einstein

The older I get, the faster the future seems to arrive. I’ve guessed that it’s because adults can absorb more info at one time, and they think farther into the future. Maybe we shouldn’t be so stressed about what is to come and focus on what is right in front of us (cliché!).

4) “Being mediocre gets you absolutely nowhere in life.”

-Eric Johnson

Eric was the editor-in-chief of my university’s newspaper the semester I worked for them, and at every weekly review of the paper, he would say something that stirred our little patriot journalist souls and rouse us to tackle the next week. I’m sure he’s not the first to say something like this, and he definitely won’t be the last, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to spend the rest of my life trying to get ahead. I love the idea of bettering myself, but it’s not a race. Eric’s rhetoric definitely did its job, the paper had an awesome semester, but I wouldn’t call these words to live by.

5) “I never trust anyone who’s more excited about success than about doing the thing they want to be successful at.”

-Randall Munroe

These are definitely words to live by, and even apply to yourself, obviously in the career world but I’ll venture to extend it to relationships as well. So many girls I know will date just so they can be dating, and even I’ve done it before, but if you don’t care about the guy then what’s the point? Or going out with a group of friends you hate just so you can be hanging out with people. It’s lame. Enjoy what you do, not the shell of its side effects.


16 thoughts on “Friday Five: Quotes

  1. Really love the first quote!And the last quote is really quite true. I think it almost deserves its own whole article! Hahaha. I'd read that quote a million times and never really thought to apply it to my relationships. It's really a sad thing to think about, the idea that I've tried to mask my own loneliness by physically surrounding myself with others, ESPECIALLY where love and relationships are concerned. You seem really wise and well-adjusted for someone so young, if you don't mind me saying so… 🙂

  2. Aw, thanks! I don't mind at all. I definitely could have gone on about the last quote! Randall Munroe writes a webcomic (XKCD) and sometimes the things he writes are super profound. It's crazy where you can find inspiration if you just look :)Thanks for reading!!!

  3. No problem! I enjoyed what you had to say. :)I really enjoy this blog as a whole (even though I'm not really a Ke$ha fan, hahaha), but especially your commentaries on social issues where you include your own experiences. I'm eager to find out more about what made you who you are today, because you're an intriguing writer and probably an even more intriguing person! 😀 Hahaha, I sound like SUCH a psych major, don't I? Don't worry, I'm not going to psychoanalyze you without your permission! ;)-Julia

  4. see, i think the fourth quote is absolutely true, and is the way to live your life. because even if you dont see it as a race, as long as everyone else does, you will get left in the dust.and why would you date just to be dating? i dunno, as a guy, i just cant understand that…

  5. To not feel lonely, naturally. A lot of times people feel that if one person pays them enough attention and makes them not feel so "alone," then they give in to that person and even sometimes pursue them, trying to convince themselves that they are truly attracted to that person. Or maybe it's to try and forget about past heartache and convince their innermost selves that they won't always be alone. There are a lot of guys who do it too, I promise. Only it's called a 'rebound' and doesn't always last as long.

  6. sorry, that kind of came off as harsh. just, you know, why would you date someone you arent truly drawn to? is that need for companionship that large of a driving force?

  7. I do hope that's not the first time you've noticed a difference in male and female reasoning. :PAlthough I do somewhat agree with your reasoning concerning the 4th quote. It's a pretty vicious world out there and the aggressive are largely favored.

  8. It really doesn't happen all that often. I'm sure there are special cases that are the exception, but by and large women only seem to feel that driving need for companionship when they are at their most emotionally fragile, and that usually is after a breakup. I personally have only dated just to date one time, and it was right after the disastrous end of my most serious relationship to date.

  9. whoops, that post came out a little funny ^anyways, just wanted to say to loryn that im sorry in advance for all the posts, haha.and julia, you sound like a reasonably independent woman… from the way you speak i feel like you wouldnt do such a thing anymore.

  10. Haha, I've gone on dates, or kept a relationship going, just because I thought he was a good guy to date. Not because I particularly liked him. That's kind of what I was getting at. It's nice to believe you've got a stable future but sometimes you just need to wake up and realize who exactly it is that you're dating. It's also very easy to keep dating for just the companionship, like Julia said, and forget what being in a natural relationship feels like. And no worries, you two. I'm just glad that there are people who've taken an interest in what I have to say!

  11. …i take it the relationship didnt last then. what happened, if you dont mind me asking? i guess im just infernally curious. 🙂 and im interested! keep posting!

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