International Women’s Day

This is the first year ever I was even remotely aware of International Women’s Day.


Who knew it’d been going on for 100 years, right under my nose?? Most national/international holidays (or general days of recognition) are celebrated by teachers of public schools, but this one isn’t. I’m going to take a stab at it and say that’s probably because (according to extensive Wikipedia research):

1) The holiday didn’t originate in the U.S., nor does it refer to any sort of U.S. historical landmark
2) Little boys will most definitely whine about not having an International Men’s Day (I’m sure the grown up ones sometimes do, too)
3) It was first publicized by a Socialist party and then by Soviet Russia

Can you imagine trying to get the mid-twentieth century U.S. to celebrate ANY sort of holiday that originated with Socialists? Wouldn’t happen. But since I personally don’t think IWD (that acronym reminds me of IUD… funny) is a Socialist plot to overtake our pseudo-capitalist nation, I’m going to ask my boyfriend to take me out to dinner tonight. Because it’s International Women’s Day.


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